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W7AutoPlaylistGenerator v1.0

Purpose: This application is designed to create W7MC playlist automatically whenever you want. You can select if you want the playlist sorted Alphabetical, by Creation Date or Random.

Media Support: WTV, DVR-MS, AVI, WMV -- I can add other but this should do it for the time being.

Required Framework: Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 or higher.

License: Freeware

Reason behind the application: I created this application because I add ~6GB of .avi's weekly to my media center. I have always had to manually create the playlist and wanted a way to do this automatically. Since I add a lot of kids shows, I wanted the list to be sorted by the newest files and sometimes I just wanted it to be random.

Author's Homepage at

This is a step-by-step instructions. The majority of people using this application will NOT need this kind of detail.

=============STEP 1
Extract this zip file to any directory on your computer.

You should have the following files:

INIFileGenerator.exe = This is a windows application to setup the configuration ini and create scheduled tasks.
W7AutoPlaylistGenerator.exe = This is a console application that will run whenever you specify.
Recls.100.Net.dll = Class Library for recursive searches.
TaskScheduler.dll = Class Library for scheduling tasks in Windows
readme.txt = The file you are reading now.

=============STEP 2
Double click on the file named: INIFileGenerator.exe
Follow the procedures under the tab "Generate INI File"
After you have finished click the Generate INI File button.
You should now have a file called W7AutoPlaylist.INI in the application directory.
This file should never be manually edited unless you know what you are doing.

=============STEP 3
Double click on the tab called Create Scheduled Tasks.
Follow the procedures under the tab "Create Scheduled Tasks"
After you have finished click the Create Scheduled Tasks button.
You should open the scheduled tasks to make sure it is set to run at the desired time. I have automatically set it to run at 8PM every night. You can change this very easily and in the next version I will probably allow you to do it through my interface.
You can manually run the scheduled tasks to make sure it works and then your set!

Hope you enjoy!

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